How is my Woodee delivered?

Your Woodee is perfectly packaged and protected in a cardboard box. It is 85% assembled: You still have to assemble the front wheel, pedals, stem and handlebars. It is then necessary to check the tightening torques of the main elements before the first use. All the assembling is detailed in the user guide provided with your WOODEE PDF and available in PDF here.

Can I have my Woodee assembled online by a professional?

Not everyone is comfortable with tools, and even if the final assembly is relatively simple, you prefer to ensure the services of a professional. In this case, do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you a professional partner near you who can receive your Woodee Bike and ensure the assembly at our expense.

How can I solve a problem on my WOODEE bike?

If you have any problems with your bike, the first thing to do is to contact us directly at +33(0) 558 354 025 or by email sav@woodeebikes.com

We will help you solve your problem quickly by giving you the appropriate advice. If you are not able to do the recommended manipulations or do not have the necessary tools, no problem! After receiving our approval, you can go to the workshop of your choice, and we will cover the labor costs incurred if the intervention is covered by our warranty.

Can I bring my Woodee to a Shimano Service Center?

Staff at Shimano Service Centers are trained to maintain Shimano components for the complete motorization, including battery, braking, transmission, and speeds of your Woodee. There are many Shimano service centers and authorized Shimano dealers in all cities that perfectly know the elements of your Woodee. You’ll get the best advice at Shimano Service Centers. Since Shimano Service Centers are independently run bike shops, they decide for themselves how to respond to requests.

Where can I find a Shimano Service Center?

Use the Dealer Locator tool to find your location near you.

Where can I find information about Shimano products?

To learn more about Shimano products, visit the Shimano Bike website.

What maintenance should I do regularly on my Woodee Bike?

It is important to regularly maintain your bike to ensure that it works in the best conditions and that you can ride safely. Maintenance and safety recommendations can be found in the user guide.

Please check the following regularly:
- Component torque: axes, steering, braking, cranks, pedals, etc.

- Check the condition of the frame, fork, tyres.

- Brake pad wear and braking control.

Please also refer to the Shimano and RST (Surfliner Fork) user manuals for servicing these specific parts.

My brakes are making noise.

This can be due to improper adjustment, a damaged or veiled disc, wear of pads, contamination of pads with impurities.

You will find a complete description of the cleaning and adjustment of the braking system in the user guide provided with your WOODEE BIKE.
Remember to work the brakes every time you change the discs or pads.

My Woodee’s painting is damaged.

All our Woodee are supplied with a paint retouching bottle.
Clean the part of the frame to be retouched, degrease, and let dry. Apply the touch-up and let dry in a clean, dry place away from the sun.

Is there something I should know when I’m not using my bike for a while or when I store the battery for a long time after removing it from the bike?

  • Remove the battery from the bike and make sure its charge level is about 70% when storing.

  • If the battery is completely discharged, recharge it as soon as possible. If the battery remains completely discharged, it may deteriorate and can no longer be charged or discharged. The battery should be charged regularly when stored for a long time.
  • Store it indoors in a cool, dry place and make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight. (Approximately 10 to 20 C°).
  • When the storage temperature is too low or too high, the battery performance deteriorates, and the battery life is then reduced.

  • Always recharge the battery before using it when it has been stored for a long time.

  • When using the SC-E6010, SC-E6100, EW-SW100 or EW-SW300 display, charge the battery when it is attached to the bike.

Note that the time before the battery can no longer be charged or discharged varies depending on the battery model or storage conditions. Click here for more details.


The battery stops charging before it is fully charged (100% charge status).

If you let a fully charged battery drain without ever using the assist function and then charge the battery, it may stop charging before it is fully charged. This is not a malfunction. To fully charge the battery, the assist function must be used before charging.
* Repeatedly charge the battery when the state of charge and between 100 and 80% can lead to deterioration of the performance of the lithium-ion battery.

What is the estimated battery life?

60% of the battery capacity is preserved if the battery is charged up to 1000 times.

Does the charger turn off when the battery is full or goes on slow charge?

It goes into slow charge.

Is the display removable?

Woodee’s SC-E6100 units are removable. We advise you to remove it when you leave your bike in a public place (the screen is the size of the small phone) this makes your Woodee even more secure.

Is it possible to adjust the display with E-TUBE PROJECT mobile App?

The e-tube project application is full of features that will allow you to customize the display and settings of your Woodee with 2 user profiles.
Check out the app below. There is an IOS and Android version.

Is E-TUBE PROJECT available on tablet and smartphone?

This feature is only available on a smartphone. Make sure to use the latest version of the app. Click here for more details.

How fast can the Shimano drive unit assist?

The drive unit ensures a maximum speed of 25 km/h for Europe.

For countries outside the European Union, we refer to the legislation in force and program the power units accordingly (eg USA 20 Mph).

How does the engine stop generate electrical power at 25 km/h? Sudden or gradual shutdown?

It ceases gradually and not abruptly.

Does Shimano offer walking assistance?

Yes, walk mode is available.

Can I use my smartphone as a display?

Yes. You can use it by connecting it using a wireless unit (SC-E6100, for example). Click here for details.

Spare parts

The majority of Woodee bikes are equipped with Shimano components, the references of which can be found in the user guide, or the technical information of the models available on the website. These components are distributed worldwide through Shimano Service Centers and authorized Shimano dealers. Our workshop also supplies and ships the original parts and components of the other brands that make up our bikes (Kenda, Knus, SAMOX, RST…). For more information, please contact sav@woodeebikes.com


My purchase is pre-order, when will I be delivered?

Your order indicates the expected theoretical availability date in our warehouses in Hossegor. Depending on the options and accessories chosen, this date can be changed.
You can reach us for more information by phone +(0)33 558 354 025 or by email sav@woodeebikes.com

How is my Woodee delivered?

We operate through the transport company GEODIS.
You are informed by email or phone of the delivery at the time of shipment to confirm the place of delivery and your availability. You can reach us at any time for more information by phone +(0)33 558 354 025 or by email sav@woodeebikes.com

What is the procedure to follow when receiving my package containing my Woodee?

Our Woodee bikes are protected for transport, however you must ensure upon receipt, and in the presence of the deliverer, the integrity of the content and the presence of all the components of your WOODEE bike. You can find this list in the user guide.

What to do in the event of a transport dispute?

We have taken out a specific insurance with AXA that guarantees you compensation in case of disputes related to transport to your home. However, the following procedure must be followed to ensure that your complaints are admissible.

During this procedure, you must imperatively make note to the deliveryman and report any missing part or damage. You can either refuse the package or accept it by indicating in detail on the delivery note the problem found. Have the delivery man date it and sign it. Take pictures, always in the presence of the deliveryman, that you send us with the description of the problem related to the transport via email sav@woodeebikes.com. We will then forward the file to our insurance and take the necessary steps to provide you with your Woodee in a new and complete condition. In case of doubt about the content related to the quality of the packaging (open cardboard, visibly damaged), we advise you to refuse the package without opening it, take photos and justify this refusal on the delivery note, also signed by the deliveryman and to inform us by email sav@woodeebikes.com, photos in support.

Be aware that mentioning reservations on the slip has no legal value.


Woodee warranty terms are available here.