Repair and maintain your electric fatbike in our workshop in Hossegor

Fat Bike Electric Workshop

All our models are guaranteed 5 years on the frame and 2 years on the other components*.

*Excluding wear parts

Woodee teams provide follow-up and assistance by email or by phone +33(0)558 354 025 throughout France and Europe.


WOODEE electric bikes are equipped with the complete SHIMANO system (engine, battery, screen, transmission, brakes).


You benefit from international service thanks to the SHIMANO network on all the components of the brand.


Here are some essential tips for using and maintaining your Woodee Bike (for more information, please refer to the user manual):


  1. Using your Woodee Bike.

Before any use, check that the brakes are working properly, that the tire pressure is adapted to the terrain, that the seat and handlebar height are adjusted for your body type. If the Woodee has just been charged, do not forget to properly close the charging port with its protective cover. When starting the Shimano system, do not apply pressure to the pedals, this can lead to a pedaling sensor error. Wait for the home screen to appear and you can then start pedaling by choosing the assistance mode that suits you. Enjoy the ride, with a helmet on the head it’s even better!


  1. Maintenance of your fatbike.

You can clean your Woodee Bike with a water jet (no high-pressure jet), as well as with cleaning products dedicated to cycling. Check that the battery charging cover is closed. Do not run water directly through the frame holes to clean the inside of the battery compartment (or battery key). Clean the transmission, if necessary (chain, crankset, derailleur, and cassette), with a dedicated brush and soap. Dry with a cloth or using a compressor gun. Lubricate with a chain lubricant paying particular attention not to lubricate the brake disc or brake pads.

Check your brake pads and brake discs regularly. Have the brake checked at least once a year by a specialist, with purging of the mineral liquid.

Check the condition of your tires and their pressure.

Keep your Woodee Bike in a clean and dry place, at room temperature, protected from bad weather, cold and hot weather.


For storage and maintenance of your battery, please refer to the Shimano battery service manual.


  1. What to do for a trip on the beach?

Woodee Bikes are particularly suitable for riding on sand, snow, or loose terrain from the moment you are on «Fat» tires (Surfliner, Coastliner Fat, Coastliner Swan Fat). Depending on your weight, it is necessary to reduce the tire pressure to improve the grip on the ground. You can choose a pressure between 600 and 800g on the sand, and of course reinflate your tires between 1kg and 1.2kg once back on the road.

Be careful not to ride in seawater and stay on dry sand: our bikes are resistant to sand and splash water, but they are not boats or submarines. Salt in particular is corrosive and does not mix well with batteries. It is important to rinse well with fresh water and wipe your Woodee bike after each trip by the sea, and regularly if you live on the coast.


  1. The first Shimano battery charges.

When charging the Shimano battery for the first time, let the full charge cycle finish, until the light indicator on the charger goes out.

Then favor full charges until extinction of the witness. Of course, you don’t have to wait until the battery is empty to recharge. The fuller it is, the faster it will be recharged.


  1. The inflation of the tires.

Check the manufacturer’s pressure data written on the sidewall of the tire, or on the user manual. For the FatBike series or large tires, remember to deflate to improve the grip of its contact surface, when you are in very loose terrain (sand, snow, mud).

Then inflate to the recommended pressure when you hit the road.


  1. Which bike bags to choose?

Your Woodee Bikes are designed to go on adventures no matter the conditions or the terrain borrowed. We recommend this new French brand Rodeo Packs.

They have developed high-end 100% waterproof backpacks convertible into bicycle bags thanks to a unique and universal system for all luggage racks. A French brand, durable and waterproof products for your adventures in Woodee.


  1. Woodee Bikes Repair

For all service requests. You can contact us by or on +33(0)558 354 025 or directly go to a SHIMANO partner store if it concerns a Shimano component.

You can also visit us in our stores in Hossegor, Capbreton, Lacanau and Pornichet/La Baule.

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