Electric Beachcruiser California Style 

Woodee Bikes has adapted its range for urban use with more conventional tires. The Coastliner Classic is available in 2 versions including one, swan frame for easier access. You keep all the comfort and design of a Californian electric beach cruiser with our legendary Woodee wooden plate.

Electric Bike cruiser California Style. 

The Coastliner Classic is ideal for your daily outings. It brings you exceptional driving comfort with a remarkable range between 85 and 170km.

It is equipped with the SHIMANO E6100 central motor to offer you a powerful electric assistance while optimizing the autonomy.

Despite its thinner tires, this beach cruiser accompanies you on the road and forest paths for pleasant walks!

Let’s talk about the importance of battery life. The life of a battery is calculated based on its number of charges. The more you charge your battery, the more it wears out.

With the Coastliner Classic, you can have up to 180km of range. So less load and longer life.

Note, after 1000 charging cycles (1 charge/ day for 3 years), the battery B T 8035 L will retain more than 60% of its maximum capacity. Optimal longevity.

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