Electric Fat Bike

Electric Fatbike with Fat tires. 

Woodee Bikes previously called Buke Bikes is the pioneer of electric fat bike in France and Europe since 2014.

These big-wheel bikes have been a direct success for lovers of the great outdoors.

Indeed, in Mountain fat bike or beach cruiser fat bike, you can go on endless adventures no matter the terrain.

They are tested and approved by our ambassadors between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees.

We have two electric fat bike models:

- Coastliner Fat, the number 1 electric beach cruiser fat bike also available in swan frame version for easier access. It combines comfort and performance from the road to sandy paths, in the forest or on the snow. It has a remarkable range between 50 and 150km depending on the level of assistance and the terrain used.

- Surfliner, the ultimate mountain electric fat bike. It is associated with high performance on the steepest terrain for total control. It is the perfect blend of comfort and a slightly more sporty bike ride. Its range is between 50km and 150km.

These models are equipped with the powerful Shimano EP8 central engine to accompany you in all your adventures on the road, sand, forest or snow. The different levels of electric assistance adapt to each terrain. For example, the Boost mode is ideal to accompany you on the sand.

Let’s talk about the importance of battery life. The life of a battery is calculated based on its number of charges. The more you charge your battery, the more it wears out.

With the Coastliner Fat and the Surfliner, you can have up to 150km of range. So less load and longer life.

Note, after 1000 charging cycles (1 charge/ day for 3 years), the battery B T 8035 L will retain more than 60% of its maximum capacity. A longevity of the charts!

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