Woodee bikes warranties

Our WOODEE BIKE range has been developed to offer the best quality and reliability to its users. We have chosen SHIMANO for the engine/ battery, braking and transmission group set. SHIMANO is the world’s leading supplier of components for electrically assisted bicycles, a guarantee of quality, performance, and accessibility to components worldwide.

Our manufacturer’s warranty is valid under the following conditions.

Warranty Terms

CALIFORLAND SARL guarantees WOODEE electric bikes under normal conditions during reasonable use.

Warranty period

- 5-years warranty on frame.
- Finishes such as paints, stickers and other decorations are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 6 months.
- All other components are guaranteed 2 years.

Warranty Exclusion

This warranty does not cover:

- The entire Bike if it has been repaired or modified by someone other than an approved WOODEE Bikes or SHIMANO dealer.
- If the bicycle was used for rental or commercial purposes.
- If WOODEE or SHIMANO marks have been erased, or serial numbers have been erased or deleted.
- If damage resulting from causes other than non-conformities of materials and manufacture, including, but not limited to, an accident, abuse or misuse beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations, negligence, improper assembly, improper repair, improper maintenance, improper cleaning, alteration, alteration or other abnormal, excessive, or inappropriate use, alteration of paint or polishing of the frame.
- Damage during shipment.
- Damage during private transport.
- Damage resulting from the use of products that do not conform or are incompatible with WOODEE Bikes or Shimano products.
- Damage resulting from normal wear and tear, including but not limited to damage or deterioration to the surface finish, aesthetics, or appearance of the WOODEE Bikes or Shimano product.
- Use not adapted to the body type.
- Prolonged use after finding the bike damaged.
- Damages resulting from intentional fault or liability of a third party.
- In the event of the incidence of external elements or agents (humidity, sea salt, fire, natural disaster.)
- In case of use that does not comply with safety standards and techniques.
- In case of non-compliance with the maintenance periods recommended in the user guide and validated by an authorized WOODEE Bikes or SHIMANO dealer.

WOODEE Bikes Warranty Terms and Conditions

LThe warranty takes effect on the date of purchase that appears on the invoice, and which alone is authentic.

During the warranty period, CALIFORLAND SARL undertakes to replace at its expense and at its discretion the parts of WOODEE Bikes having a manufacturing defect or material. The defect must be noted by our customer service. They alone are entitled to decide on the implementation of the warranty.

This warranty applies only to bicycles purchased from an authorized WOODEE Bikes dealer or at www.woodeebikes.com. It applies to strictly normal use of the bicycle.

In the event of a transfer of ownership, the warranty will apply only on presentation of the original invoice stating the transfer of ownership, dated, and signed by the seller and the buyer with the update of the mandatory anti-theft marking (Bicycode, Paravol, etc.).
Replacing a part does not suspend or renew the original warranty period.
All repaired or replaced parts have the current warranty period whose starting point is set at the date of purchase of the bike.

Implementation of the WOODEE Bikes warranty

We will process your service requests by phone at +33(0)558 354 025 or by email sav@woodeebikes.com. The WOODEE Bikes workshop is also open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00 (Woodee Bikes, Quai de la pêcherie 40130 Capbreton), by appointment only.

Third-party brands

In case of warranty claim on third-party brand products, the warranty conditions are those of these brands in force.
We can act as an intermediary in case of warranty claim on these products.


Riding an electric bike (VAE-EN15194) requires a few precautions, compliance with the highway code and traffic rules. The fact of having an extra power with the electric assistance, should not incite you to commit imprudence or to transgress the laws. The cyclist is responsible for his driving. He assumes all the risks related to the use of his electric bike, the possible material accidents, or injuries that he can cause to himself or to third parties. As such, it is advisable to wear a helmet approved in the city or outside the city, to prevent head injuries.

Electric Bike users must contact their insurance company to ensure the protection of the user and third parties during daily use, prevent damage related to theft. Your Woodee will surely be envious. A security level 15 padlock, or even a built-in GPS tracker, will deter thieves.
Your Woodee Bike can venture off the beaten track. On forest roads and in natural areas, the rules and regulations apply to you and other users. It is always strictly forbidden to circulate in protected areas (dunes, nature reserves, some fragile coastal areas).

The rules of common sense also require speed and careful driving on all occasions, especially on shared roads (bike paths, forest, or mountain trails) and never drive in broad daylight in the summer, on a busy beach, or in bathing areas.

Like any mechanical machine, your Woodee Bike is subject to stress and wear. Some parts or components may react differently to use. If the service life of a part has been exceeded, it may suddenly break and cause injury to the user. Any form of crack, scratch or color change in heavily stressed areas indicates that the service life of the component has been reached and needs to be replaced.

Tips for use

- Always have a bike in good condition and clean.
- Never use your bike if you detect any problem.
- Wearing an approved helmet is strongly advised when using your bike.
- Follow assembly and adjustment instructions.
- Remember to run your hydraulic brake system.
- Do not put your bike upside down for mounting or various maintenance operations, you may damage the levers or meter, and damage the hydraulic brake system.

IF YOU FALL: If you fall with your bike, please check that no components are damaged. If so, replace it. If in doubt, have your bike checked by a professional.

PROPER USE: Improper use of your WOODEE bike may prematurely damage your it, or even lead to the breakage of certain parts and therefore cause injury.

TRAFFIC SIGNS: You are required to respect the rules of the road and other users.
You are therefore obliged to have the necessary safety features for the use of your electric bike on public roads. Refer to the law in force in your country for accessories to install.