Electric fatbike 100% equipped by Shimano

The top of the performance
and reliability

Regulation 2024

Unit Drive Shimano

A light but powerful motor (250W nominal and 350W peak) designed for optimal power transfer so you can travel long distances in the greatest comfort.

Ultralight weight of 2,88 kg.

Smooth and intelligent pedaling assistance, easy to use.

Restricted pedal/frame width for a natural ride with enhanced comfort.

An elegant, compact, and integrated design blends perfectly with the bike's geometry.

The engine saves 20% energy (compared to the E6000) for an even greater range.

Unit Drive Shimano

All our beachcruiser fat bikes electric models are equipped with the powerful Shimano EP8 mid motor and complies with European regulation EN15194 standard (electric bike).

So, it’s the Surfliner and the two Coastliner Fat. It is a high-end system ideal for tackling any terrain with confidence thanks to the maximum torque of 85Nm. The EP8 provides smooth, direct power to maintain full control while providing a natural pedaling feel.

It is lightweight and compact for better handling (2.6kg). It is very responsive and the decoupling of electrical assistance beyond 25km/ h is done smoothly (max speed allowed). There are different modes of assistance (Walk, Eco, Trail, and Boost) that you can customize with the mobile application «E-Tube Project».

To speak a little technical, the motor has a nominal power of 250 watts and a peak power of 500 watts. It also provides a maximum torque of 85Nm for maximum comfort.


Our full range of electric beachcruiser is equipped with the SHIMANO 504Wh battery. It is integrated and removable for maximum protection combined with a neat aesthetic specific to WOODEE BIKES.

For our electric Fatbike models, the range varies between 50 and 150km depending on the terrain and weight. For our classic electric beachcruiser models, it varies between 70 and 170km.

You have the possibility to increase it by 20% thanks to the 630Wh battery option.

With the SHIMANO connected display, you will have in real-time your consumption and the distances still available according to the different modes of electric assistance.

Battery life is also a factor to consider. After 1000 full charge cycles, this battery will still have 60% of its original capacity. An extraordinary longevity.

HIGH 50km NORMAL 120km ECO 170km Autonomy based on BT 8035 L 504Wh battery

Deore 10V

Available on all our electric bike models. The Deore range is renowned for its reliability, robustness, and efficiency. The 10 speeds will bring you the necessary comfort for all your trips on and off road.

Hydraulic brakes
Deore 2 pistons

Available on all our electric bike models. They offer braking performance while remaining lightweight with reliable stopping power in all conditions.

Removable SC-E6100 display

Available on all our electric bike models. It offers a large, easy-to-see display and a wireless connection with third-party applications. Indeed, you can configure your different modes of electric assistance on a mobile application according to the use of your Woodee Bikes. You can very well configure 2 customizations: one per week for daily trips in urban areas, so you optimize the autonomy. And another for the weekend and trips off the beaten track.

It is removable and will secure, once removed, your bike. Its calculator constantly shows you your autonomy according to the real conditions of use but also the odometer and the distances traveled.

Woodee Bikes special wooden plate

Woodee Bikes formerly called Buke Bikes is the pioneer of beachcruiser fat bike electric in France and Europe.

Faced with its rapid success in 2014, the company quickly had to stand out from the emerging competition. It has chosen to use high-end components to improve the user experience.

It was inspired by Californian Woody cars to impose the famous «signature wooden plate» to make the models recognizable at first glance.

You can customize this plaque by contacting us at: infos@woodeebikes.com.

The best of safety

Get peace of mind with two alarms and a GPS tracker integrated to your electric bike!


GPS tracker is integrated into the mid-motor.

The BIKETRAX mobile app will offer alarm and real time location.

Alarm lock from ABUS

Fixed on the bike frame

Opening by Bluetooth thanks to a mobile app or with a key (security level 15).


Customized performance diagnostics

E-Tube project

Customize your bike ride according to the type of terrain and create road profiles.

E-Tube Ride

Keep an eye on speed, distance, autonomy, and power assistance levels in real-time.

Why choosing a SHIMANO system?

1 - 100 years of experience to test and develop new technologies to always improve performance on any type of terrain.

2 - Designed to work in harmony with other SHIMANO components for a complete operating experience.

3 - A global network to ensure warranties.