From Buke Bikes to Woodee Bikes

Woodee Bikes, previously called Buke Bikes, we are the original electric fatbike company in France and in Europe since 2014.


Buke Bikes

Buke bikes started in 2014 in the center of Hossegor selling and renting electric fatbike. The bike specialists didn’t believe in the success of “fat tires” and the electric bike demand was still low.

Combining fat tires and electric bike was the perfect match to answer surfer’s needs. The starting vision had good and rapid success: creating high performance and comfortable electric bikes, with a Californian beachcruiser inspired design.

Founded by a surfer and passionate about the outdoors, Buke Bikes has invented the ultimate solution to search for the perfect wave.

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Woodee Bikes

Buke Bikes becomes Woodee Bikes in 2019 to mark the arrival of the new e-bikes models.

The manufacturing and design have been completely reworked based on our previous feedback from customers and ambassadors. The range will be fully equipped by Shimano components.

The performances have been highly improved. Shimano also offers international warranties and aftersales service. The design has never been this unique.

The battery is fully integrated to the bike frame. It offers great range and amazing longevity.

The mid motor unit integrates perfectly with the frame geometry to offer the best performance on any type of terrain and an optimal center of gravity.


Woodee Bikes decides to sell direct. The goal is to offer high quality electric fatbike at attractive prices.

The adventure keeps on going. We would like to sincerely thank all the proud owner of a Buke or Woodee Bike for their trust since 2014. We wish you to live exciting adventures on your beautiful electric beachcruiser.

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For any information and test request, please contact us via email at: or visit us at our owned retail stores:

Woodee Bikes Capbreton 

Quai de la pêcherie, 40130 Capbreton, France.

+33 6 77 96 84 47

Aloha Bike : distributeur officiel Woodee Bikes

8 Rue du Lieutenant Princeteau, 33680 Lacanau.

+33 6 21 34 32 02